Need Video Production Help?

Although most websites do not need video, there are some that require a video to help display their products, store, or even to simply have a video introduction for their staff. In many instances, when you are selling a product that needs a demonstration, it’s imperative to have a video to display to potential customers how the product works.

At other times, a simple introductory video to a store is a nice touch and shows potential customers what you have to offer and what separates your store from your competition. Our good friends at JB Bowling supply had just the right idea when they had made their this video for their store. It does a terrific job of showcasing their store, the products and friendly staff. See below!

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right video production company can mean the difference between a clean, commercial grade HD video and a video done on a cell phone. It’s very easy to see the difference and when you are trying to build a brand. If you plan on making a video, make it right the first time. Oftentimes, many of our clients have had two or three other companies make them videos and they are ultimately unsatisfied with the end result because the video was either low quality or was not edited correctly. Using a professional video editor can make all the difference in the world.

Know Your Industry

When deciding to have a video produced, you should consider many things, but one of the most important is making sure the company you choose does their due diligence on your company by researching your company’s industry, competition, and history in the marketplace. All these factors will make a big difference when the final product is complete.

Newest Video Technology and Equipment

Today a cell phone is capable of recording an HD video, and with good editing it can look very nice, but it doesn’t look like a commercial on TV. Why is that? There are really two factors that make all the difference in the world.

  1. Video Quality. Although the video shot on a smartphone can be technically HD (High Definition), the pixel resolution is sub par and cannot compare to a true HD video. The pixel resolution is how many dots are in every square inch of a video and although smartphones are fantastic for some things, shooting high quality video isn’t on that list. You can only achieve commercial grade video from a professional with very expensive equipment.
  2. Sound Quality. Of course you probably won’t have a need for 5.1 surround sound for a standard website video or commercial, but certain types of microphones are used when making a professional quality video that cannot be replicated with a smartphone or other smart-device. Using the right microphone and related equipment makes all the difference. Take a look at this video to hear the difference between the two and you’ll see why using a professional is the way to go.

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