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When you are deciding to start a business, company or nonprofit, you want a message that conveys what you and your company are all about. That is sometimes a lot easier said than done. Or maybe you have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to put that to paper. That’s where our Branding Services can help. We understand that it is just as important to have your company branding be easily recognizable with eye catching colors, as it is what your business does or sells.

Logo Designers and Graphic Artists go months, sometimes even years, to school to learn how to build and create logos and designs. Generally speaking, anyone can go and download Adobe Illustrator and watch a couple YouTube videos about how to design logos and artwork. But to actually build a real logo takes skill and a knack for creativity. You need to have an eye for colors and curves, fonts and placements. When starting a business we’ve seen companies spend weeks just deciding on the colors, let alone the fonts. That usually pales in comparison to the actual design itself.

Some people think they can just go to Google and take a picture and alter it a little bit and that’s all they’ll need; but what they don’t know is that all those logos and designs on the internet have code embedded within the pictures themselves and it is all but impossible to remove. So, although you may alter the image, it is still against the law and companies will spend a lot of time and money to protect their branding.

We recently came across a good article that helps us understand why we can’t just use any old picture, logo or artwork from the internet. Read about it here!

So to avoid getting sued, losing your business and or even possibly your house, it’s probably best to just spend the couple of dollars to protect yourself and make your brand original to you and your business. We can help you along the way and you can give us a call anytime if you would like pricing or even just general information. We’re here to help! (702) 800-4447


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