Save Money by Updating Your Site Design

Current website owners can sometimes save some money by updating their current website instead of building a new one. In most cases everything that needs to be done can be completed in just a few days with little to no downtime. However, there are a few things that need to be considered.


  1. How old is your website?

    Most people aren’t aware, but in April of 2015 Google rolled out an update to their algorithm to test websites for mobile friendly compatibility. This update uses new techniques to test if your website is mobile friendly or not. What this means is that the website has been made to fit within specific “view ports” so it can be viewed equally and easily across all mobile devices. You can test to see if your website is mobile friendly here. If your website is not mobile friendly, then your website is not a good candidate for a redesign and should be rebuilt from the ground up.

  2. Pictures

    How up-to-date are you pictures? Having new, fresh images keeps your website alive and interesting. Making sure you have up-to-date pictures on a website is very important to your customers and with only a minimal cost, you can have your website updated with all new pictures.

Save Time

If your website is mobile friendly, then another thing to look for is what platform is your website built on? Most people don’t know, but there are dozens of platforms that websites are built on, and the most common one today is WordPress. WordPress is the best candidate for a redesign. The reason for this is that a simple template can be purchased for your website and it can simply be “re-skinned.” In this instance it would be about half the cost to build a new website from scratch. Redesigns can work with other platforms, but due to the fact it is usually outdated technology, it takes more time and is usually more cost effective to build a new website. To see what platform your website is built with, test it here!  Or, for a FREE evaluation of your website, you can schedule a free consultation by calling us anytime and we would be happy to assist in advising you which path may be the best for you and your website.

Free Consultation

The website analysis is free and does not cost you anything. Simply call (702) 800-4447 and talk to one of our friendly Web Design Specialists to see if your website is a good candidate for a redesign option.