Free Website Security and Hosting

There have recently been a rash of websites getting hacked all over the internet. These attacks are coming from China, Russia and a slew of other locations. It’s been all over the news, and it’s likely you’ve seen the stories; Several of our clients have asked us about this and a few of our clients have even been impacted by this hacking activity, resulting in website downtime and lost revenue. Even worse when the content injected into your company’s website is offensive or inappropriate. That is not what we want happening to your website, or your brand.


Website security is a service that we have offered since opening our doors, but so many people choose to forgo the additional expense thinking, “It will never happen to me”. Unfortunately, if you have a website that is unprotected, it is only a matter of time.


Here are excerpts from two actual emails we received in 2019:


“Help! I just got a phone call from a client who went to my website and saw purses and tires for sale! What happened?” 

~Owner of a vitamin company

“My restaurant manager called in a panic. A client told her there were half naked women all over our website. When my manager checked, the text was all in Russian and there are in fact, pictures of half naked women all over our website. Please call me immediately. We need to fix it!”

~Owner of a local Mexican food restaurant

You may think it will never happen to you, after all, who would want to hack YOUR website, but the business owners above didn’t think it would happen to them either. You’ve invested good money in your website, you’ve spent years building your brand. Why would you NOT protect it? Would you buy a car or a home and not insure them from the car accident you hope will never happen or the fire that will never break out? No, they are too valuable to leave unprotected. Your website is a vital part of the life of your business. It is the digital face of your company online. You can’t afford to leave it vulnerable. Contact us today for your free quote!