Website Cost

Starfire pricing is based on many factors. Most of our competitors have a general blanket pricing structure and they give the same price, no matter the project. We are different in that we like to listen to our clients and hear what their needs are before giving a price estimate. We’ve learned that just because someone needs a large website doesn’t mean it may take that much time to build. On the other hand, some smaller websites need custom coding and can take much longer depending on the complexity of the request.

The Difference

Starfire Web Design does not outsource our work. Almost ALL of our competitors outsource their work to other countries so they can make more money. Not us. All Starfire Websites are done by our people right here in the United States. We take pride in that. As a company, we would rather lose the occasional job because we cannot make the cost as low as our competition, but we’ll sleep better at night knowing you got what you have paid for. To us, you can’t put a price on quality. Plus, you can always speak with the actual designer building your website and most of our pricing falls right in line with our competitors. We have website packages to suit every budget!

Installment Plans

For smaller or startup businesses, we also offer flexible installments plans for most services, including website design, video production and graphic design. All of our installment plans are usually interest-free and the best part is we start building your new website as soon as you send us the content!

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team is here to exceed your expectations and make your new web design dream into an experience that’s a pleasure. We know and understand that most people don’t know where to turn or what to expect, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Before we begin building your website, you will be introduced to your project coordinator and that person will be there every step of the way. If you ever have a question you can call them and they’ll always be there to assist you with your project from the beginning to the end. And it doesn’t stop there. After your website project is completed, you can call us up anytime if you have questions or need changes. We’re just a phone call away: (844) 347-3932.