At Starfire Web Design in Las Vegas, We Create High Quality Backlinks for Our Client’s Websites

What are Website Backlinks and Why Does Your Site Need Them? Basically, a backlink is any type of link that is received by a web page, directory, or domain. A link comes in a variety of forms, most commonly as a button, image, or text, and helps transport website viewers from one website to another, or from one part of a website to another. At Starfire Web Design we specialize in utilizing backlinks to help rank our client’s websites faster, as well as to help draw in new potential clients from other websites.

Backlinks provide multiple ways to gain new website views and can allow your customer’s a quick and easy way to go from one spot on your website to another. However, while backlinks can be used for many different purposes, they are extremely helpful in ranking a website on a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. The number of backlinks that you use on your website matters, as only high-quality websites will really increase your website’s rank on search engines. This means that when it comes to backlinks you need to ensure that you are using high-quality websites when you link your site to them. Next, backlinks increase your potential customer database. By putting your website’s links all over the web you are increasing the chances that a new client will stumble upon your website. Potential clients are often drawn in from Facebook, Twitter, and even other website’s blogs. At Starfire Web Design we can help you determine which type of sites you should be posting on and can help explain how backlinking can help you get your website ranked faster.

Backlinks Affect Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking, But Why?Backlinking was first used back in the 90’s by two college students when they realized that textbooks used references/citations to get readers to view another book. The two students first used their backlinking system on BackRub, the search engine that they had created. BackRub eventually became the site we know as, Google. In the early stages of backlinking, having a site that is linked to a bunch of other sites meant that your site would be seen more and ranked higher on Google’s search engine. However, this isn’t true anymore. The web is full of tons of links that go to tons of different sites. There are many factors that help decide how a website ranks on search engines, so it is no longer as easy as simply linking your website to other websites. However, high quality backlinks still increase the odds of your site being ranked higher on Google’s search engine. Here at Starfire Web Design, we can help you create high quality backlinks that will draw in new potential clients while also increasing your rank in search engine results. Our team is well experienced in how to get your website ranking higher and give you more tips to increase your website’s viewers.