Website Design That Is Mobile Friendly

Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website, Today! Over the last few years, you’ve likely been to a lot of websites on your mobile device. Some websites load quickly, some websites look great, but then there are the websites that are a nightmare to use on your phone. In a time when everyone uses their phone for everything, a Mobile Friendly website is key for effectively promoting your website, and for making a great first impression on potential clients. If you’ve made a search on Google or Bing, you’ve likely seen the words, “Mobile Friendly” conveniently placed next to certain listings on the page. These two words next to your site are extremely important, as it reveals to potential clients that your site will be easy to use. They are also important because if you don’t have them, your website search engine ranking is likely being negatively impacted. This negative impact could significantly decrease the number of customers that view your website, as your website could be being displayed lower down the page on Google.

It’s possible that your site’s search engine ranking hasn’t been affected that much, maybe it’s only dropped down a few spots, but that’s just right now. The internet is always changing, and search engine algorithms that affect your website’s location on sites such as Google and Bing will change too. The increased number of people that are searching from their mobile devices is leading to some upcoming changes to these search engine algorithms. At Starfire Web Design we understand that this change could mean that your website will drop further down the page if your website is not made Mobile Friendly. Starfire Web Design in Las Vegas is experienced and knowledgeable about how to optimize a website for mobile devices so that they don’t drop further down Google. If your website isn’t Mobile Friendly, we can help optimize your site so that you see the maximum amount of views possible on your website. Call us, at Starfire Web Design, to get started on your mobile site optimization.

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly? Here at Starfire Web Design in Las Vegas, we build responsive websites that allow for customers to easily browse through a company’s site. But, what came before responsive websites were made popular? Before responsive websites became the popular choice in website design, we had the “shrink method.” Before 2010, Mobile Friendly websites simply meant that you would shrink your website down to fit on a mobile browser. It would look exactly like the desktop version of a website, just a lot smaller. People would have to zoom in on the text so that they could read the text on their phone. We are thrilled that times have changed, and are proud to offer Starfire Web Design clients the ability to create a responsive website, that looks and works great.

What Exactly is a Responsive Website? A responsive website responds and adapts to each individual user’s mobile screen size through, “element stacking.” At Starfire Web Design we ensure that each Mobile Friendly site is adapting and responding properly on multiple mobile devices. So, now that you know what a responsive website is…

What is Element Stacking? Element stacking is a tool that essentially creates a border around different pieces of the website. This means that the element stacking will draw a border around the logo a website has, all of the text, and even the different images on a website. Element stacking ensures that none of the borders overlap, so the text doesn’t overlap onto an image, the logo isn’t covered by text, and the text isn’t hidden by a photo. With element stacking, each element maintains it’s place on the screen, but will shrink in size. For instance, an image will keep its dimension (the same width to height ratio it has on the website) but will shrink in overall size. At Starfire Web Design we understand that this concept is a bit hard to picture, so feel free to call us with any questions that you might have about element stacking and mobile friendly websites.

Feel free call, email, or even stop by our Las Vegas office so that one of our experienced website developers can help walk you through the mobile friendly site optimization process. We want to help make sure that your site is working to promote your business actively and efficiently and ensure that your website is hiding way down the mobile browser page.