Do You Really Need Website Security

In the Unites States alone, there are over 380 Million websites. Of those, more than 30,000 are hacked every single day. You can learn more about that here.

Our comprehansive Website Security Package includes

We actively monitor and scan your website every 6 hours for indications of vulnerabilities.
We will safely remove and destroy any malicious code in your website all the way down to the database. We will be able to restore your site back to 100%.
With no hidden or additional costs, we remove all malware & keep a live monitor for blacklist warnings.
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We will keep 90 copies (90 days of revolving backups) of your website on a separate, secure, off-site server.
We will check your website every 5 minutes to ensure the website is up live, running and there have been no irregularities.
Our cloud-based WAF (Web Application Firewall) actively blocks attacks by filtering HTTP traffic.
Our Anycast network is 100% capable of stopping very large DDoS attacks from anywhere in the world.
Our CDN (Content Delivery Network) improves your website page speed and reduces server load by an average of 80%.
We provide your SSL certificate on the origin server. Required for end-to-end encryption.
HTTPS is automatically enabled with SSL our secure firewall servers. This means you will never see an SSL warning about your website.

For just $119 per month, you will receive all the protection items listed above, plus 1 on 1, white glove service every step of the way. The best part if that we perform 100% of the work for you. Simply signup and we’ll take care of the rest.

$119 a month is a bit of money, but simply think about how much it will cost to fix or rebuild your entire website. This is just like car insurance, only for your website. Don’t let hackers ruin your investment.

Give one of our friendly team members a call and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. (702) 800-4447.