Las Vegas Points of Interest

Every major city in the US has its own unique culture, but there really is nothing like Las Vegas. There are more landmarks, casinos, attractions and restaurants than you could imagine, and some of the best places to visit and things to do are included in all four of those categories.

Think about that for a minute. Win big at the casinos, enjoy a Vegas skydiving experience or wine and dine yourself at some of the finest restaurants in the country. Perhaps you will find yourself mingling with celebrities, but no doubt you’re going to enjoy these points of interest in our home town of Las Vegas.

When visiting a city with tons of museums like Vegas, you can truly choose your own adventure. How does The Mob Museum sound to you? There are so many stories that circulate throughout Vegas dealing with the city’s mobster days. It would certainly prove to be an interesting pit stop. You might want to pick one attraction from each category so that you get a chance to do it all. You’ve got to catch a show, whether you do so on the strip or at one of the other theaters throughout the city. Vegas is popular for its shooting ranges, and the High Roller is a must visit for the views.

What is the High Roller? It’s a huge Ferris Wheel that overlooks the strip. Now, with all of those casinos to visit, which one is truly the best. According to a top travel review site, Wynn Las Vegas Casino is currently ranked #1. You will notice that in Vegas, many of the hotels and casinos are adjoined and have their own unique attractions, too. Therefore, it makes a difference where you book, and it also matters where you eat. Some of those restaurants are attractions in and of themselves.

Looking at Las Vegas points of interest, you are going to want to know the best restaurants. Three of the top ranked establishments in Las Vegas are Raku, Mr. Mamas and Le Cirque. Back to the attractions though, as there are so many more places of interest that deserve your attention.

For example, there is the Hoover Dam Bypass, and then there is also the Stratosphere Tower. You are planning on stopping by Fremont Street, aren’t you? One more point of interest to leave you with is The Pinball Hall of Fame. You’re certainly going to see even more options upon your arrival in the city, and the best thing you can do is pace yourself and go with the flow.

If you are in town for business, don’t forget to add our Las Vegas office to your itinerary. Although we aren’t a museum or a buffet, we do have a large portfolio of websites we can show you any time you stop by.