Top 6 Shows in Las Vegas, NV

Check the Freaks Out in Sin City

Whether you are here for fun or doing some business in Las Vegas is without a doubt the premier entertainment destination in the world. But with such a wide variety of options available to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to see and when to see it. Check out these top 6 Las Vegas Shows for 2016 to see the best of the best.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil tops the charts for the favorite and most popular show in Vegas. There are currently 8 different shows available at different venues around the city with “O”, “Mystere” and “Michael Jackson” a must see, each offering their own unique brand of awe-inspiring stunts, acrobatics and special effects.

La Reve

Similar to the performances from the Cirque du Soleil entertainers, La Reve offers visual effects, gymnastics and acrobatics to create a dreamlike show. Currently available at the La Reve Theater in Wynn Las Vegas, the show provides ideal entertainment for the entire family.

Carrot Top

This red-haired comedian has become synonymous with Vegas and offers a mix of stand-up and prop comedy that is bound to get you laughing until your tummy hurts. Currently showing at the Atrium Showroom in Luxor Hotel, Carrot Top’s (Scott Thompson) success in the ever-changing Vegas environment can be attributed to the constantly changing show. Even if you have seen him in the past, you are likely to see new material the next time you visit Vegas. However, the show is for over 18’s only.


Also for the adults only, Absinthe provides a combination of raunchy comedy combined with circus performances and topless girls. A unique level of intimacy with the performers is created by giving the audience a close-up view of the acts, where you feel that the cast is within reach. The Spiegeltent in the Roman Plaza of Caesars Palace is home to this popular performance.

Celine Dion

Another mainstay of Vegas entertainment is Celine Dion. The show is not just for Celine fans, however, as she varies her performance by belting out her own favorites as well as classic hits from other artists. A feature of her “new” show is the use of holographic images that allows Celine to perform duets without the other singers’ actually being on stage with her. Celine Dion’s one woman show is available at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

Britney Spears

Britney is all grown-up and is making a name for herself in Vegas, attracting fans from the past and present to performances of her hits at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Look forward to seeing Britney at her best dressed in lavish costumes and backed by energetic dance choreography and dazzling light effects.

If you’re coming to visit us in Las Vegas, it is recommended to book early and online to get a seat to view one of these top shows in the upcoming year. They are often sold out way in advance and you never know when the dynamic Vegas landscape will replace them with something new and exciting.