Design Elements & Content

Continuing on with our new website build, we are now at the step of deciding the look and feel of your website and gathering content for it.

You know what products and services you provide, and you now know who your dream client is, so for a moment, you need to think about what your dream client would like in relation to your business. You want to create an online presence that invites and pulls in your dream client and represents your business well.

I was speaking to a new client yesterday about a website build for her organic farm. When we started talking about the over all feel for her website, she said, “I want a lot of greens and purples and lavenders, kind of farm-ish.” She then added that she would also want some yellow or light peach colors and a lot of organic textures such as wood grain, basket weave, brick and stone.  Men and women both, visit her farm and eat her food, however, women tend to make the food purchasing decisions for their families (of course there are exceptions) so creating a farm feel that is appealing to women is important to her.

In the case of the client we have been discussing on this blog, the target client is professional women 35-50 so having a slight slant toward the feminine was what she was after, although she was careful to make selections that wouldn’t be overly girl-y and scare men away as well, since her business is located right in the center of a high-tech community.  A balance was found with clean lines and strong color choices that would appeal to men and women alike and then a script font that had a definite feminine slant to it without being overly flowery. The content was written with the same thoughts in mind- of the dream customers. Most of the people in this area are technically minded professionals, so the content on her page was crisp, to the point and informative without being overly wordy. It was really important that the personality of the salon and staff came out however, so that clients wouldn’t feel like they were walking into a stuffy business, so she added some fun, personality filled content as well, but it was kept to the About page and staff profiles.

Color choices, textures, fonts and cleanly written, easy to understand content are all vital to a website that your customers will spend time on. We are happy to help guide you and provide design suggestions that will make your site deliver the message you want. Additionally, we will assist you edit your content so it is clean and precise.