Mobile Optimization

Now that our client’s website has been created, it’s time to get it mobile optimized.

Nearly everyone has a smart phone or tablet- or both- and we use those devices to surf the web, and the fine people at Google know it. In a push to have people create websites that look good and are user friendly, Google released a new algorithm in April that buries your website at the bottom of the pile if your site is not mobile responsive.

Existing companies have scrambled to make sure that their pages all transfer to a mobile platform, knowing the importance of front page (or as close to it as possible) ranking and this is a necessary part of each of our projects as well.

Mobile sites are typically simplified versions of the regular site. Especially in the case of use with a cell phone, there just isn’t as much space, so streamlining ensures everything fits, is still usable and will still look good.

While this used to be considered an add-on feature with Starfire, it is so important to the find-ability of your site that every site we build now gets mobile optimization and is a large part of our website updating offering.