So I have a blog. Now what?

Your website is live, your social media pages are in full swing and you have a blog that is ready for some content. Now what do you do? Throwing words at the wall of your blog and hoping they stick and are shared is one technique, but I’d really recommend that you create a strategy with your blog that will help your search engine optimization which will in turn help your online presence grow quickly and organically.

Your blog should be a part of your marketing strategy, and as such, it should be on your marketing calendar (as should your social media!). Regular, consistent blogging of original, creative content will not only keep your site flowing and alive, but will create consistently engaged readers who are interacting with your website. This is a very good thing.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to figure out WHAT to blog about. Let me share with you a strategy that we use on our blog at Starfire Web Design. We encourage you to try it out on your blog.

First, know your keywords. These are words that someone might type into the search boxes on Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you are a dry cleaner in, San Francisco, your keywords & keyword phrases might look like this: best dry cleaner, dry cleaner San Francisco, San Francisco, dry cleaning, laundry, eco-friendly dry cleaning, home delivery, shoe repair, business accounts, two day service.

Using those examples, plan blog posts and put blogging on your calendar in this manner:

  • Keyword 1 (Best dry cleaner)– Blog post 1
  • Keyword 2 (dry cleaner San Francisco)– Blog post 2
  • Keyword 3 (San Francisco)– Blog post 3
  • Keyword 4 (dry cleaning)– Blog post 4
  • Keyword 5 (laundry)– Blog post 5
  • Keyword 6 (eco-friendly dry cleaning)– Blog post 6
  • Keyword 7 (home delivery)– Blog post 7
  • Keyword 8 (shoe repair)– Blog post 8
  • Keyword 9 (business accounts)– Blog post 9
  • Keyword 10 (two day service)– Blog post 10

…and on and on. Any little detail of your business that is unique or notable could be added to this list. In addition, any holidays, staff changes, birthdays, anniversaries, specials and events of note, should be added to the calendar in the correct spots so that the info you are blogging about is timely and pertinent.

Use this calendar to know what you are going to blog about and post to social media on any particular day, and you won’t be sitting in front of your computer wondering what you should write about. The best part though is that you will be making meaningful forward movement with your SEO, which will create more traffic to your site.