The Importance of the Blog

There are so many reasons a blog is important to your business. It is an easy way for your customers to stay in touch with you, it gives your business a personal touch, it is an easy way to share content via social media.  Most importantly, however is that a blog is an easy way to keep content moving on your website.

Google (and other search engines) does not like it when websites gather dust and are covered in cobwebs. They like to know that website owners are keeping their pages updated and their content fresh. A blog will help do that.

I know what you are thinking. Great. Another thing to do. Right after I do payroll, stock the shelves and buy toilet paper. I know that owning a business requires many hats, some of which get worn at the same time, but really, this one is important. So important, that if it takes having a trusted employee create your posts for you in the first 20 minutes of each day, it would be well worth the money.

When you work with Starfire, we will get you up and running with your blog, showing you the ropes so that you can get your blog going and move on to focusing on the other 50 things you have to do before lunch! All of our clients will get step-by-step instructions that they can refer back to, as well as having access to a live person to trouble-shoot any problems that pop up. It’s just part of the package, so don’t be concerned if you have never blogged before! We’ve got your back!