Web Designer vs Web Developer vs Webmaster – What are the Differences?

For someone not familiar with the tech industry, certain terms might seem vague or confusing. If you’re wondering what the differences are between web designers, web developers and webmasters, read on. Each one performs a specific set of duties, and knowing what they are can be pretty handy.

Web Designer

Think of a web designer like an interior designer. They care about how a website looks, including factors like colors, fonts, layout, graphics and even the menus. Web designers obsess over how different formats affect the way people interact with sites, perceive brands, etc. Essentially, they are the “artist” of the three web specialists. If you are looking for design services, see our tips on how to find a web designer.

Web Developer

Web developers, on the other hand, focus on the mechanics of a website. They’re concerned with how things work. When different menus, flash animation, links and things of that nature function correctly, that’s because of a web developer’s efforts.

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer scriptBoth web designers and web developers deal with code. Web developers deal with the backend code for a site, ensuring it works properly and doesn’t suffer from unnecessary downtime. Web designers, on the other hand, make sure the site looks good on the front end and is easy to use. It’s possible for one person to perform both functions, especially for smaller websites.


Webmasters ensure a site is managed properly. They focus on the big picture, which can involve keeping content updated, organizing the flow and structure of a site, responding to problems with functionality or downtime, and even dictating policies for everyone else working on a website. Like the other two, webmasters often write code for the site, usually as it relates to technical features. In addition, webmasters manage the servers hosting a site. Although it has become its own specialty, a webmaster may also be responsible for performing the SEO for a website.

Depending on the size of a site, there might be multiple people filling these three roles, or one person managing all of them alone. At Starfire Web Design Las Vegas, we have you covered for all of the above.