Ritual Hair Design Website

We walked you through the process that we took one of our clients through over the course of several blog posts. From analysis of their current site to conception of their new site all the way through to publishing their address on search directories after their site went live.  This website was fairly elaborate in the fact the client requested to have hidden pages with pictures for clients to search through. We set it up so that they (her customers) could go into a search box and find themselves by name.

All in all there were hundreds of pictures that needed to be named, categorized, filed and posted to the site on hidden pages. We also linked the pictures to be searchable by hair style, hair color and a few other factors, and we named them so that they would be searchable in the all the major search engines. This way if someone were to type in “Brunette” all the links with pictures associated with the word brunette in the description would be found on the major search engines. So now when someone clicks on that picture from Google, it would direct that person to our client’s website and they would be able to search through Ritual Hair Designs pictures to find the type of picture they were looking for.

Ritual Hair Design already had an online store and online client scheduler in place and it was a prepaid service so there was no need for Starfire to build anything for them there, we simply linked their scheduling and store platform to their website. They already had a fairly large and active Social Media presence in place so connecting it all together on the site was a straightforward process and now clients can be directed to all of Ritual Hair Design’s social platforms from one place. All the pictures we used on the website were client originals that were emailed to us and the client wrote almost all of the verbiage themselves to ensure the site was exactly to their specs.

Since this client anticipated needing regular updates to their website, they chose a service option of adding a non-listed backdoor so that they can login to the website themselves, at anytime, and edit any of the content they like. They write their own blogs, update pictures and can even change some of the colors if they like all with an easy to use drop and drag interface that is accessible to an admin of their choosing.

Another feature which we included in the website and that’s crucial to SEO and search engine results is to make sure the website is completely optimized for use on all mobile devices. Even though this is a fairly complicated website design, it’s very user friendly and easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Please click to see Ritual Hair Designs new website.