6 Key Small Business SEO Components

Each of these five components is crucial to high rankings that will drive desired business results.

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keyword phrases to target in your optimization efforts is both art and science. The most popular keyword phrases may not be the best at driving new business to your site, and business results are always the highest priority. Starfire analyzes alternative keywords, reviews your competitors’ web sites, evaluates your website and we’ll review your choices with you to make sure it fits your primary business goals.

Site Architecture

How you organize pages on your web site, how those pages link to each other and how your website is coded can have a strong influence on your search engine rankings. In particular, using keywords in your navigation can give your site a rankings boost; as long as the navigation is coded so that it is read by search engine spiders as text.

On-Page Optimization

After deciding which keyword phrases to use, we can target which pages of your site to place them on and then we write title tags and meta description tags, review headlines and subheads, and edit the body text for the pages. On page optimization is a mix of coding and word usage; Too much or too little can hurt you. We’ve got the experience to get it just right.

Link Building

The quality and quantity of links pointing to your site will determine how well your site produces the results you seek. On page optimization alone will not result in high rankings unless your web page has sufficient link popularity to beat the competition. We will assess your current link popularity, research quality link opportunities for you, and advise you on an ongoing link building strategy.

Web Analytics

Analytics provide the information that tells you what you are doing well and what needs to be improved. We incorporate Measuring Website Success with Google Analytics into all of our SEO projects.

MOST IMPORTANT is Mobile Optimization

Now that Google has updated it’s new search criteria, unless your website is viewable on all mobile devices, your website will not even rank on Google, at all. Google explains how it works here and I also found a very interesting article on it here.

Every single website Starfire builds is 100% mobile ready. For new websites the cost is almost negligible and you can see our pricing here.