The Best Las Vegas Restaurants

Great Places to Eat in Sin City

Las Vegas offers a stunning array of fun experiences, and gives a taste of outlandish opulence and luxury to anyone who ventures to enjoy it. While many people think about the free drinks or look at beautiful resort hotels, what is an amazing vacation without equally incredible, delicious, and even decadent meals?

During the time we’ve been in Las Vegas, we’ve witnessed the city make a concerted effort to bring in incredible chefs and the result has been a bonanza of high quality restaurants to make Vegas one of the best cities in America to find a great meal.

You can find so many places to grab an incredible meal, but the following are among the best of the best.


Located at the Encore of the Wynn, this restaurant is Pan Asian in emphasis with an equally impressive array of seafood dishes available to customers. Created in 2012, Andrea’s is a recent addition to this list but offers an elegant menu-based sit-down restaurant experience that offers some of the most incredible food found anywhere on the entire Las Vegas Strip. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the Wynn is dedicated to the highest level of luxury.

Bonchon Chicken

The best restaurants in the city of Las Vegas aren’t all on The Strip. Bonchon Chicken isn’t what you necessarily consider high-end compared to some of the places that are found in Vegas, but they do brag about the best chicken in the entire city, especially their chicken wings. In fact, CNN named them as having the best chicken wings in the entire country, a testimonial they are proud to live up to. If you’re in the mood for some wings and the type of food you get from wing places, you must check out Bonchon.


If you are in the mood for Japanese style sushi then Raku is your stop. Rated as the #1 restaurant in all of Vegas by Trip Advisor, located in an unassuming strip mall, Raku is a small plate restaurant with incredible food, a sterling reputation throughout the city, and also a reputation for having to wait half an hour to an hour for a table if you don’t have reservations. In addition to the best sushi in the city, the chef’s daily specials are raved about and Raku also makes their own tofu, which many vegans swear by as some of the best they have ever had.

Hugo’s Cellar

Hugo’s Cellar features a Continental menu and is located on the world-famous Fremont Street, right in the middle of the ambiance that comes from Old Town Vegas. Hugo’s is a fine dining establishment, so dress accordingly, and enjoy a large menu of outstanding dinner dishes made by chefs who have been around the block a few times and know the tricks to making a truly splendid meal.

If you are coming to Las Vegas to see us, here are many great choices for places to eat throughout Las Vegas, and this list is just a starting point – but it represents the best the city has to offer!