To Refresh or Build New?

In a recent discussion with a perspective client, we were going through the pros & cons of doing an update on her business’s existing website vs. doing a complete rebuild from scratch. She, like all small business owners, had an eye on the bottom line, but was aware the her current site wasn’t preforming like it needed to be. There were many design elements that were outdated, content that needed to be updated and frankly, her previous site designer had no experience with SEO, so her site was just simply not being found organically. Additionally, her site was not mobile-responsive and Google was about to unleash Mobilegeddon on the world, thus further burying her site behind other sites that were mobile optimized.

After a thorough walk through of the changes that were wanted and certainly those that were needed, it was decided that building a completely new site would best fit this client’s needs, and so the fun began.

Over the next several days, we’ll share with you the process that we took this client through, from the beginning conversations, to the days following her site going live. There are many elements to consider, no matter if you need a small three-page site or a huge corporate site, so spending some time thinking through the needs of your business and how your want your clients to be able to interact with you on-line is important.